Life Lessons From Haryana Roadways

On a recent impromptu trip to Jaipur to catch up with some friends I had the pleasure of being the guest of honor of Haryana Roadways.

Five hours later I alighted at Sindhi Camp, Jaipur an enlightened man. Below are the 5 lessons I learned in that Journey, free with the ticket.

5) The world is far more flexible than you give it credit for; case in point, 4 people can sit in a bench made for 3.

4) The best things in life are often not what we think. Case in point, never ever sit by the window; the lady in front might just spit/vomit in your face!

3) To be closer to god, live on the edge. Case in point, on every speed bump, turn, overtake you nearly meet your maker.

2) Learn from our elders. In this case our politicians who were watching porn in Karnataka and Gujarat. Watch Porn in Public on your cell phone, like the two middle aged, mustached gentlemen in the row ahead of me.

1) What ever you do, don’t get caught. This seems to be issued in public interest by Haryana Govt, as all over the bus there were notices painted telling people “Finger prints from a crime scene can help the police identify criminals. Please wipe the place down.” Italics added by the author 🙂

And the only place on earth they would need a notice like below : Haryana!




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